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Euklidea, growing with science 

euklideaYear: since 2016 until now
Partner of the project: Associazione Italiana Biblioteche (AIB) (Italian Library Association)
Description. Euklidea is a project promoted by AIB with the aim of promoting science in libraries. Libraries always try to meet the needs of information, knowledge and language, stimulating and developing curiosity for children and adults.
The libraries will then have the fundamental objective of assisting young citizens, from 0 to 18, in a non-formal educational process for the promotion of science reading.


aperta menteYear: 2015-2016
Partner of the Project: Library of Lavarone (TN – Italy)
Description. Accatagliato was partner in the project "Aperta-mente, dissemination for the young between science and knowledge" promoted by the Library of Lavarone (TN - Italy) and funded by the CARITRO Foundation. We were organized journalism workshops for children of the primary school and we were invited speakers at the “Aperta-mente Festival” in July 2016.