• To promote and disseminate the culture in all its aspects: scientific, humanistic and social;
  • To add value to an interdisciplinary knowledge open to everyone, supporting the establishment of links between all the protagonists of cultural production: society, subjects of knowledge, institutions, groups and individuals
  • To work with the school, the university and other research institutions, connecting actors of education in all its levels, with the aim of building a “society of knowledge”
  • To make children and young people protagonists of their own human, social and cultural
  • To facilitate the relationship of education institutions with each other and with society in order to promote the "third mission" od University of creating a social capital and the development of schools and universities as a cultural entities


  • Public meetings
  • Conferences
  • Cultural events
  • Exhibitions and thematic workshops
  • Periodic and occasional publications
  • Training courses
  • Games and funny activities
  • Research projects, dissemination and science communication projects at national and international level