Editorial projects

PLaNCK!, I’m going to be a little scientist


Year: since 2013

Partner of the project: University of Padova

Description. "PLaNCK!" is the scientific magazine for children from 8 to 12 years old founded in 2013. PLaNCK! collaborators are members of Accatagliato and many other actors in the field of scientific research and science communication.
In 2015 the PLaNCK! project was selected within the invitation to tender "FUNDER 35, the cultural enterprise that grows" promoted by CARIPLO Fundation and 18 other private foundations. PLaNCK! project also received a grant by University of Padova as "innovative student project".

PLaNCK! is not only a magazine, but a real science communication project characterized by some peculiar features

- BILINGUALISM. PLaNCK! is written in Italian and translated in English in the same issue: in this way kids can also get closer to the language of science as well as to scientific contents.
- RESEARCH. The theme of each issue (eg. light, DNA, electricity, time, atom, molecule, nanotechnology, microbiology and more) is enriched by interviews with researchers, making the scientific research accessible by the society also outside University. Also some articles and pictures are made by researchers, research fellows and postgraduate students.
- SCHOOL. The draft of each PLaNCK! issue is reviewed by two classes of the primary school. In this way, the young readers can be real protagonists of the editorial project and can learn how to critically evaluate scientific contents.
- QUALITY. A scientific committee of professors and researchers of the University of Padova check the scientific content of the magazine and participate to the process of content definition.

Information: www.planck-magazine.it